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Biotility offers a variety of hands-on biotechnology lab field trips for all levels of students, ranging from learning pipetting skills to protein purification! We will guide your students through an exciting lab experience using the latest molecular biotechnology techniques. Each experience will include a lecture tailored to your students’ ages and your curriculum content. We are able to schedule field trips Tuesday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Your field trip is not confirmed until you consult with our Educational Specialist and receive a confirmation email with a quote.
Invoicing: Online payment with credit card or p-Card is available through the University of Florida’s secure payment site (a link will be sent with the invoice), or we also accept checks and P.O.s.

Biotility follows the University of Florida’s guidance on the Coronavirus and general wellness. For more information please visit

Field Trips and Covid-19

What Do I Wear?

Participants in Biotility Lab Experiences are required to wear closed-toed shoes during laboratory activities.

Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided as needed.

Create a Customized Field Trip for Your Students

Any of the below field trips may be customized based on your curriculum. Contact us to discuss other Lab Experience options.

Can’t make it to Biotility? We’ll bring a lab to you! 

Mileage (at $0.45/mile) and hotel costs are added to the cost of the lab.


  • Requests must be made at least four weeks in advance of desired lab experience dates. [ Lab Experience Policies and Procedures ]
  • Combination packages are available for those requesting multiple lab activities. Pricing details will be provided after your request has been submitted.
  • If you cannot meet the minimum number of students for an activity, contact us and we will attempt to accommodate your needs.  Please note that this may result in an increase in price per student.

For more information on booking a Lab Experience, please contact


Basic Labs

Recommended Ages: 8-14

DNA Sequence & Molecule_small

DNA Extraction from Fruit

vat of cheese being made

Cheese Making

Intermediate Labs

Recommended Ages: 13-17

Gloved Hand w Micropipette


fingerprint with DNA strand

Forensic DNA Fingerprinting

woman pipetting

DNA Purification & Electrophoresis


Restriction Enzyme Digest & Electrophoresis

Advanced Labs

Recommended Ages: 15-18

10. Vials w Green Fill

Purification of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) from E. coli

96 Well Plate Artistic

Detecting Disease Outbreaks with ELISA


Bacterial Transformation with Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)


Comparative Proteomics: Protein Profiling

Industrial Biotechnology Teacher Experience (IBTE)

Bioscience educators - expand your classroom with this hands-on workshop!