Empowering Bioscience Educators Through Professional Development

Biotility provides opportunities for educators to expand their content knowledge, empowering them to share their experience with our next generation of scientists. Our programming gives educators the skills, techniques, and knowledge to teach biotechnology, biomedical, and bioinformatics curricula in the context of working in the industry. Additionally, our certificate courses allow educators to stay at the forefront of the field and bring more specialized course content and materials into their classrooms.


Biotility provides several types of professional development for secondary and postsecondary bioscience educators, designed to help integrate critical workplace competencies and skills into bioscience curricula. Through forums, short-courses, and immersive programming, Biotility aims to expand awareness of the drug development and manufacturing career pathway, to increase confidence in the drug development and approval process, and to integrate workplace competencies and skills into coursework, thereby increasing the talent pool required to support rapid response and ongoing discovery, testing, and manufacture of therapeutics.

The Industrial Biotechnology Teacher Experience (IBTE) is a program developed for instructors of biotechnology courses, biomedical courses, or any science course in which biotechnology is featured. Participants will develop an understanding of the departmental roles, careers, and criteria associated with working in the highly regulated biotechnology industry, and will apply common techniques used in laboratory settings for the manufacture and testing of products.

This hybrid program provides 80 professional development hours over a five-week time frame. The first forty hours are broken into virtual, self-paced modules delivered over four weeks, and the fifth week integrates this theoretical learning with hands-on activities at our training site in the growing biotechnology hub of Alachua, Florida.

Want to know more?  Visit the IBTE program page.

Educator Certificate Short-Courses

COMING SOON: Biotility provides professional development short-courses for secondary and postsecondary educators designed to integrate critical workplace competencies and skills into bioscience curricula. These courses are aimed specifically at expanding awareness of the drug development and manufacturing career pathway in biotechnology. The series includes instructional pedagogy and activities to anchor knowledge with workplace applications.

Bioscience Educator Forum Series

COMING SOON: These free virtual forums provide an opportunity for informative conversation focused on rotating topics that are applicable to the bioscience classroom. Each forum begins with a Q&A session featuring a panel of bioscience educators and/or industry professionals, followed by an informal discussion facilitated by the Biotility staff.