Make a Gift to Biotility at UF

Gifts to Biotility at the University of Florida help support initiatives such as scholarships for the BACE credentialing exam, credentialing recognition programs, and professional development experiences for bioscience educators. By investing in bioscience student and educator professional development, you are not only empowering these talented students but also fostering innovation and progress in the bioscience industry. Your support will help create a brighter future for them and contribute to the advancement of science for the benefit of all.

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Biotility Sponsorship Opportunities

To serve, to teach, and to discover requires champions — advocates who back the cause. That’s why Biotility is calling on foundations and companies to partner with us and move the future of biotech forward. Sponsorships help Biotility continue our mission of preparing emerging workforce talent and ensuring their success in the bioscience industry, by assisting students who might otherwise be left out due to socioeconomic circumstance.

List of Biotility sponsorship opportunities - contact us for a PDF