Make a Gift to Biotility

To serve, to teach, and to discover requires champions — advocates who back the cause. That’s why we are calling on foundations and companies to partner with us and move the cause forward. Sponsorships help Biotility continue our mission of preparing emerging workforce talent and ensuring their success in the bioscience industry, by assisting students who might otherwise be left out due to socioeconomic circumstance.

Support Schools

Assist underserved schools as they continue to provide access to the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam and train the next generation of the biotech workforce.


Support Educators

Assist bioscience instructors in their professional development by providing access to an array of coursework and certification opportunities.

Support Students

Assist students in their continuing education as they train and pass the BACE, as well as in their professional development as they begin their chosen career paths within the field.