DNA Purification & Electrophoresis

$11.00/per student


Students will isolate plasmid DNA from E. coli using a mini spin column, and then run their product on an agarose gel. Skills involved include: pipetting accuracy, gel electrophoresis, and analyzing data (if desired, instructions for using students’ data to develop and use a standard curve, and use Excel to organize and graph data are available).

Course Features

  •    Price                                     $11.00/student
  •    Skill Level                            Intermediate
  •    Duration                              3 hours
  •    Min Students                      16
  •    Max Students                    32

Combination packages are available for those requesting multiple lab activities. Pricing details will be provided after your request has been submitted.

If you cannot meet the minimum number of students for an activity, please contact Biotility and we will work to accommodate your needs.  Please note that this may result in an increase in price per student.