Equipment Qualification

Certificate Short Course

Product quality is dependent on the operational efficacy of the manufacturing system components and their functions. Equipment qualification is the process by which evidence is collected and documented, leading to assurance that specified equipment meets criteria required for its use. This course guides participants through the four stages of equipment qualification, and presents strategies for planning new processes. Additional topics include Quality by Design, the Life Cycle Process, and regulatory standards and guidelines.
Participants in this course will:

• Identify regulatory standards and guidelines as they apply to equipment validation
• Describe the purpose of each of the four stages of equipment validation
• Distinguish between equipment qualification and validation
• Identify key elements of Quality by Design
• Describe how qualification fits within the equipment life cycle
Equipment Qualification is part of the Operations Management certificate pathway.
This course is available online, and can be taken anytime, anywhere.
Fee $125.00
Course Type Online
Instructor Dante Buckley
Duration 2.5 hours
Cert. Pathway(s) Operations Management