The Five Pillar Strategy for a Lean Workplace (Live Online)

Certificate Short Course

Course Description

This course covers the core principles of the 5S system, and illustrates why using 5S is essential to a “Lean” initiative. Topics include the foundations of the Lean system, structure of 5S Teams, stakeholders to involve, and strategies for obtaining the best results from a 5S effort. In addition, approaches will be presented for positive environmental impacts, leading to immediate improvements with real long-term benefits. 5S is one of the most versatile Lean Six Sigma techniques, and may be applied to almost any work environment, whether a manufacturing facility, busy professional office, healthcare facility, laboratory, or school.

Learning Objectives

• Select appropriate 5S techniques and apply a systematic problem-solving methodology to help improve product quality and production, as well as customer service.
• Gain the knowledge and ability to initiate the 5S strategy, eliminate non-value-added steps and reap the benefits of 5S.
• Create a unified communications and collaboration system to help improve business in a variety of ways through 5S implementation.
• Implement a more standardized and efficient way for employees, customers, vendors, and contractors to work together.
• Improve safety, decrease errors, and lower costs of operations.
• Improve quality and increase both productivity and employee satisfaction.

Course Audience

All level of employees in a manufacturing environment


Tuesday, June 25 9:00-10:00 AM ET
Tuesday, September 24 1:00-2:00 PM ET

Attend the lecture, score >80% on the assessment, and earn the course badge (awarded via Accredible).

Fee $125.00
Course Type Online
Instructor Wayne Hamm
Duration 1 hour