Hayley Dennison

Hayley Dennison

Client Support Specialist

Hayley Dennison is the Customer Service Manager at Biotility. With more than 15 years in the Customer Service field, she brings exceptional insight and understanding when it comes to the needs of Biotilty’s clients and team. Prior to her journey with Biotility, she was a Clinical Service Representative at the Department of Pathology with the University of Florida. During that time, she gained extensive experience in service, sales, marketing, project management, leadership, and conference planning. She created productive workflows for her department and was even tasked with designing Pathology’s Client On-Boarding process, which was a huge success and accomplishment. She was brought onboard to Biotility to build out a true customer service department using the knowledge she has gained from her many years of experience in the field.

Fun Fact: Hayley believes reading is a good way to travel without ever having to leave your chair, allowing you to exit your own life for a bit and to come back with a renewed—even inspired—perspective.

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