Environmental Monitoring (Asynchronous Online)

Certificate Short Course

Environmental monitoring of cleanrooms and adjacent areas is an extremely critical component of a company’s contamination control strategy, and is required for regulatory compliance. Participants will learn regulatory requirements, types and sources of contamination, microorganism identification, cleanroom classifications, sampling methods and frequencies, and interpretation of environmental testing results.
Participants in this course will be able to:
• recognize the basics of what constitutes EM as it relates to the various cleanroom classifications;
• define the role of EM as a critical component of the contamination control strategy;
• identify types and sources of contamination;
• define sampling methods and testing frequency for regulatory compliance;
• interpret testing results obtained through a hands-on laboratory exercise.
This course is available live online (given online, at a prescheduled time, by a live instructor).


Fee $250.00
Course Type Online
Instructor Tiara N. King
Duration 2.5 hours