Cleanrooms & Gowning (Live)

Certificate Short Course

Cleanrooms are controlled environments in which airborne and surface bound particles are limited based on the classification of the space. Maintaining particulate specifications requires specific behaviors and protocols, with the goal of maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring a quality product. This hands-on course will cover best practices for working in a cleanroom, including gowning and de-gowning, proper entrance and exiting, behaviors to minimize turbulence and the generation of particulates, and multiple tips for reducing the likelihood of contamination. Topics discussed include architectural features common to cleanrooms, types and classifications, as well as an overview of cleaning and environmental monitoring procedures. Regulations from the International Organization for Standards (ISO) and the United States Federal Standards for the use of cleanrooms will be emphasized, with examples of human health and financial consequences resulting from non-compliance.
Participants in this course will be able to:
• recall the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), its purpose, and cleanroom classifications;
• understand the purpose and influence of standards and regulations in clean manufacturing;
• diagram and discuss cleanroom design, operations, and costs associated with contamination control;
• demonstrate successful gowning and aseptic processing.
This course is available live online (given online, at a prescheduled time, by a live instructor).



Fee $200.00
Course Type Live Online
Instructor Tiara N. King
Duration 4 hours