Tabor Grindrod

Organization: CURIS Decontamination

Position Title: Biologist/Senior Assembly Technician

I am a recent University of Florida graduate, and have recently gotten a job in the biotechnology field. In college, I gained a lot of experience volunteering in a research laboratory, and now I enjoy being at the forefront of research and development in the industry.
The BACE credential was invaluable in helping me to get into the University of Florida, and in finding my way into a research lab at the university. On campus research was incredibly helpful for my future, and knowing how to use the equipment, a skill I learned when preparing for the BACE, gave me a huge edge when I was applying to labs. From academics to the industry, these skills and the credential I got for them have given me an edge over my peers and have proven to be very worth the effort.
I am both a Senior Assembly Technician and a Biologist at my company. As a technician, I work in a warehouse assembling the machines our company has designed. This hands-on work lets me know all of the inner mechanisms that make the machine function. In addition, as a member of the company's Science Department, I am responsible for writing and editing the company research papers and blogs, as well as setting up many of our research projects for the new areas of decontamination we are exploring.
I love the freedom of the job, as I am allowed to work on a wide variety of different and exciting projects, and I always find myself working at the front edge of the decontamination field.

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