Julian Gutierrez

Organization: Biotility

Position Title: Manufacturing Technician

I am 20 years old, born in Colombia, raised in Miami. Graduated from John A. Ferguson Senior High in 2018. Did the four years of High School majoring in Biotechnology and earned the BACE credential with the highest grade amongst his peers. Currently working to major in Clinical Lab Science, coursing through sophomore year of College at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL. Working at Biotility since November of 2018. Diligent, competent, and cheerful when it comes to work ethic. Looking forward to what the future holds.
The studying I had to do in preparation for the exam, all the things I learned, and the experience I had in class before the exam, really prepared me, not only for the BACE itself, but for my college education and my current job, this, as I have a great grasp whenever science is concerned in a subject, and, it gave me the bases of many of the day-to-day things I have to do as a Lab/Manufacturing Technician, like on how to use various instruments; such as water baths, micropipettes, autoclaves, spectrophotometers and the like. Not only that, also on various lab techniques; such as inoculating bacteria, keeping bacterial cultures, making solutions, and much more. To have the BACE certification as proof that I'm able to do all these things, and to have these experiences under my belt, gave me tools that give me an advantage in order to be competent in the both, college education and on my job.
My duties at work is to keep inventory of all the things that have to get sent to our clientele, as well as to prepare bacterial, petri-plate cultures to be shipped out. In regard to lab duties; I'm in charge of helping set up labs for field-trip activities, keeping the lab space tidy, making sure the machinery in the lab is working properly, preparing bacterial culture stocks, and helping with whatever is asked of me. I also work in a computer station, helping with the creation of SOP's and work instructions, helping with keeping up our database of information that deals with a product our company offers and also with any extra help I can provide.
There are two best things at my current work. One of them being able to put in practice all of the things I was certified on, the other being the wonderful people I have the opportunity to work with.

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