Jose Abou Dagher

Organization: Orlando Health

Position Title: Patient Safety Attendant

I am 24 years old, and I am from Venezuela. Since the day I graduated high school in my country developed a great interest in science, I started studying right after I finished high school and I have never stop since them. When I moved to the U.S I entered Valencia College and achieve an Associate of Science in Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences, and also an Associate of Arts, both degrees earned with honors. After I took the BACE credential, I had the opportunity to work with Biotility in partnership with University of Florida, to proctor the BACE exam to high school students. It was an extremely great experience, and based on that and my interest in science and personal development I would like to learn more and work again with Biotility projects.
Earning my Associate Degrees plus the BACE credential and other courses I have done helped me to test my skills and demonstrate to other employers my experience and knowledge. I was recently hired at Orlando Health, which I consider one of the best health industries that serve this state and community.
During my job I stay with patients that have gone through processes of suicide, substance withdrawal or that are severely confused. My job is to be there for them, talk to them and inform nurses and doctors about their behavior and feelings throughout their stay in the hospital.
The absolute greatest thing is knowing that I am giving love, and comprehension because any of those people could be my family , and if they were I'd like someone to care for them that way.

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