Sofija Djukic

Organization: University of Florida: Florida Museum of Natural History

Position Title: Undergraduate Research Assistant

I am a rising senior at the University of Florida, pursuing a double major in Biology and Psychology, with a minor in Entomology. After graduating, I plan on going to medical school and becoming a Doctor of Medicine. I am excited to continue doing biotechnology related research throughout my career!
Earning my BACE credential helped me get ahead in all of my classes, especially my labs such as microbiology. After finishing the class, I have been a TA for two consecutive semesters, teaching other aspiring STEM students how to do common procedures tested on the BACE such as pipetting, using a centrifuge, plating bacteria, etc. It was also helpful in getting me my position at the Florida Museum it Natural History working with lice in the Department of Mammalogy.
My day to day activities include making gels, and loading samples/ running gels, as well as using nanotechnology to account for the amounts of DNA in a louse sample. I also am in charge of keeping my work station clean, and staying organized with labeling the thousands of specimens that I work with daily.
The best part about my job is getting to work with people of all backgrounds and lab experience. We are all able to help each other out in different areas to make our lab as efficient as possible!

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