New BACE Short Film Released

The Center for Global Health Innovation (CGHI) was awarded a $1.2MM grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to expand the Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE) in five states as a tool to certify capabilities and accelerate the development of the bioscience workforce. In partnership with Biotility, who offers the BACE, the CGHI and its partners released a short film on this national industry-recognized exam assessing core competencies and skills identified as valuable to the bioscience industries. This film was produced by One World Network, a UK-based production company specializing in science and technology stories from around the world.

The bioscience industry identified the BACE as an effective tool to certify industry capabilities, and it is currently administered in 29 states plus Washington DC.  The nationally recognized and validated BACE credential improves the transition from technician education programs to employment in the biotechnology industry. This result not only serves the industry, but also serves the emerging workforce by identifying skillset competencies in demand across the country.

The BACE re-defines pathways and mechanisms for employment, with the goal of expanding access to careers, recognizing the talent and skill emerging from rigorous secondary and postsecondary programs in biomedical science and biotechnology, and re-thinking dated qualifications for the roles and responsibilities of technician-level positions. It explores alternative hiring qualifications via mechanisms designed to validate competencies and skills aligned with position responsibilities. Candidate outcomes are expanded through increased access to career awareness, skills obtainment, and entry into bioscience industry careers.


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Biotility at the University of Florida is committed to providing high-quality education and training to facilitate the professional growth of each participant. Our short-courses are attended by professionals, students preparing to enter industry careers, and researchers, all of whom seek to expand and deepen their knowledge in technical and regulatory details unique to biotechnology industries and translational research.