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The preferred hiring credential for the bioscience industry.

What is the BACE?

line at of award or credentialThe Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE) is a credentialing exam designed to assess core skills and knowledge sets defined by the bioscience industry. and valued in technician-level positions  The accompanying industry-recognized credential is used as a hiring benchmark nationwide, because its earners possess the ability to seamlessly enter the workplace with less training.

In an effort to address the substantial demand for highly skilled biotechnicians, the BACE was launched in 2012 as an industry-recognized assessment delivered through Biotility at the University of Florida. The BACE credential was developed through engagement with industry experts and is reviewed and updated annually with oversight from a national advisory board.

Value of Industry-Recognized Credentials

  • Create a Competitive Advantage. Demonstrate evidence of your knowledge and skills in biomanufacturing, common to various job descriptions.
  • Reduce Employer Risk. Confirm mastery of core competencies relevant to a position, and reduce the need for onboarding training or assessment.
  • Build Upon Credentials. Earn other credentials in industry topics to stack, and further illustrate your qualifications.

Exam Topics


Knowledge Portion

  • General Biomanufacturing
  • QC Skills & Applications
  • Basic Biochemistry
  • Biological Cell Systems
  • Workplace Safety & Behavior

Practical Portion

  • Scientific Method
  • Biotechnology Skills
  • Applied Math in Biotech
  • Common Equipment
  • Regulatory Compliance

The BACE Credential Jumpstarts Careers & Streamlines Hiring

“A BACE credentialed job applicant will certainly have a competitive advantage because it mitigates some of the risks associated with true job qualification, provides reassurance of core competencies, and helps in the design of training plans.”

Juan Martinez, Senior Director of Manufacturing
Beacon Therapeutics

The BACE Credential Translates to High-Growth Jobs

  • Biomanufacturing Technician
  • Quality Control Technician
  • Process Control Technician
  • Research Technician
  • Microbiology Technician
  • Virology Technician
  • Clinical Research Assistant
  • Materials Technician
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Paid Internship
  • …and many more!

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