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Get to know the employees behind the biotechnology industry’s preferred hiring credential.


Lisa Mrozinske, Biotility’s Credentialing Specialist since December 2016, grew up in the serene town of Palatka, Florida, nestled beside the verdant St. Johns River. Her role entails engaging with administrators and educators nationwide, emphasizing the significance of credentialing and exploring ways to provide students with the opportunity to sit for the BACE. A significant portion of Lisa’s day is dedicated to tasks such as preparing reports, engaging in test development activities, and gearing up for the next testing season, which is always on the horizon.

For Lisa, the most enjoyable aspects of her work are thanks to her teammates. The team has experienced substantial growth, cementing their bond through a shared commitment to their work and a collective (quirky) sense of humor. This unique camaraderie not only fuels their vibrancy but also fortifies them during the most demanding days.

Lisa takes great satisfaction in learning about BACE candidates’ experiences with their credentials and witnessing their professional growth. Looking ahead, her mission is to streamline the growth of Biotility and the BACE, aiming for a seamless and painless expansion process in the coming years.


Lisa Mrozinske with family
Lisa with her loved ones.
We asked Lisa a few questions so you can get to know her better:

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Indiana Jones. 🤠

What is your favorite travel destination, or where would you most like to travel?

Austria, again. I took a trip in 2019 to Munich, Prague, and Vienna. As much as I love a beach vacation, nothing can compare to that adventure.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I fill my free time with friends and family. I love playing games, watching a show together, going out to eat, hiking or camping in a local state park, and celebrating those big life events like births, birthdays, promotions, and weddings. Whatever the activity is, I enjoy myself most when I’m with my loved ones.

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