Tori-Ann Walters

Organization: Valencia College

Position Title: Lab Assistant II

So far I have completed an A.S in Biotechnology Laboratory Sciences and an A.A in Biomedical Sciences through Valencia, and I am now completing my Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences at UCF. This is just the beginning of my journey.
Earning the BACE credential allowed me to show further proof that I had the ability to perform duties needed of me and that I had the knowledge and knew the reasoning behind what needed to be done, pertaining to my job at Valencia. It also gave me the opportunity to work as an exam proctor for the BACE.
My day to day duties includes: culturing, passaging cultures, making media and other solutions, prepping rooms for future labs, and a lot more fun and interesting tasks.
Best thing about my job is that I can work at my own pace with little to no supervision and I am trusted to get the job done.

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