Marina Arnold

Organization: Sebastian River High School

Position Title: Junior Scientist Fellow

I am heading into my senior year of high school. I completed my BACE credential in my sophomore year through the Biotech program at Sebastian River High School.
Since earning my BACE credential I participated in a junior science fellows program through Harbor Branch, FAU. Taking Biotech at my high school and earning the credential helped me with my research that I conducted at Harbor Branch. In addition, my Biotech courses helped me succeed in my Biology and Chemistry classes.
At the junior scientist fellows program at Harbor Branch I conducted a research project with fellow high schoolers that was lead by a scientist affiliated with Harbor Branch. My project focused on the influence of water quality and culverts on mangrove invertebrates in the Coastal Oaks Preserve. We conducted field work in the Indian River Lagoon and also worked in the lab to identify invertebrates found on our settling plates. At the conclusion of our research we presented our finding on a poster at a symposium hosted at Harbor Branch. This symposium was attended by many scientists and we presented alongside colleges and our fellow Harbor Branch research groups.
What I enjoyed the most about being apart of the junior scientist program is being able to conduct a research project that was in the interest of bettering the Indian River Lagoon.

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