Teaching Current Good Laboratory Practices (CGLP) as a Workplace Skill

Integrating CGLP into Bioscience Curricula

Course Description

Current Good Laboratory Practices (CGLP) are federal regulations set in place to ensure investigational new drugs are safe before testing in humans.  They are required for preclinical studies and data collection, used for FDA approval and leading to product testing in humans during Phase 1 Clinical Trials.  The course will cover fundamental GLP concepts, and illustrate best practices and vetted classroom activities that will assist educators to easily introduce CGLP principles into their classrooms. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of Current Good Laboratory Practices (CGLP) when conducting studies to support FDA approval of an investigational new drug for human clinical trials
  • Review the historical events that led to the establishment of CGLP regulations
  • Recognize how CGLP protocols apply to laboratory studies conducted during the preclinical phases of drug development, explain their purpose, and how they impact laboratory work
  • Appreciate how CGLP guidelines influence departmental roles and work-life culture within the research/study organization
  • Communicate career opportunities within the pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical industry
  • Apply enhanced understanding of CGLP to the classroom with a toxicity study activity

Asynchronous Course Format

After registration and payment are completed, you will receive access to this course within the University of Florida’s e-Learning platform. Access is provided for three months from your start date, allowing time to complete all the modules and assessments and download any supplemental documentation. Course certificates and badges will be awarded once all assessments have been successfully completed.

Optional: Score >80% on the assessment (20 questions) and earn the CGLP industry badge (awarded via Accredible).

Fee $250.00
Course Type Asynchronous
Instructors Stephanie DeMarco
Duration 4 hours