Fiona McAlister, Ph.D.

Thanks to the rigor of the BACE, our students can be confident that they have the theoretical and hands-on knowledge for entry into the workforce or their college classes. Nothing speaks louder to a high school student than a credential that boost their resume and gives them a competitive advantage.

The BACE is unique in its approach of assessing our students’ knowledge of not only the theory of Biotechnology but also their ability to perform routine lab procedures. Employers can be confident that a student with this credential will be well prepared and had relevant and real-world experience and training. Assessing our students using the BACE was an exciting end to our curriculum. The team at Biotility made both the online and lab practical assessment a smooth, and trouble-free experience. I encourage any biotechnology/biomed instructor to give their students this opportunity to gain an industry recognized credential that will provide them with a competitive advantage over their peers.

Biotechnology Academy Instructor

Biotility at the University of Florida is committed to providing high-quality education and training to facilitate the professional growth of each participant. Our short-courses are attended by professionals, students preparing to enter industry careers, and researchers, all of whom seek to expand and deepen their knowledge in technical and regulatory details unique to biotechnology industries and translational research.