Writing Controlled Documents (Asynchronous Online)

Certificate Short Course

Course Description

Compliance within regulated studies or industries require the use of controlled documents. Participants in this course will learn strategies for designing, writing, and updating controlled documents, with the goal of producing clear and comprehensive documents that ensure consistency in company operations, and capture critical information. This course will also provide an overview of the associated regulatory requirements and fundamental concepts of document control.

Learning Objectives

• Gain familiarity with regulatory requirements for controlled documents <br>
• Learn how to compose controlled documents while minimizing the risk of misinterpretation <br>
• Understand change controls for controlled documents <br>
• Recognize the importance of document integrity and control in maintaining regulatory compliance <br>


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Attend the lecture, score >80% on the assessment, and earn the course badge (awarded via Accredible).


Fee $150.00
Course Type Live Online
Instructor Tiara N. King
Duration 3 hours