IBTE Travel Guide: Top Gator Hotspots

Biotility - IBTE Travel Guide intro graphic

Every year during IBTE, we are asked a few of the same questions by our attendees, so we decided to create an IBTE Travel Guide video series to help our cohort attendees prepare for their in-person weeks!

Because the Biotility office and teaching lab are located in the heart of North Central Florida – a natural wonderland home to so much classic Florida flora and fauna – the number one question we get is:

🐊 “Where can we see alligators?” 🐊

First up in our IBTE Travel Guide video series is “Top 3 Gainesville Gator Hotspots” – to almost guarantee you see some gators while you’re in town!

🎥 Check out our IBTE Travel Guide: Gainesville Gator Hotspots video on our YouTube.



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