Exam Specifications

The Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE) is open to all applicants and no prerequisites are required. It includes both a written examination (Knowledge Portion) and a practical skills evaluation (Practical Portion). Candidates are allowed 4 hours to complete the assessment.

There are two Exam Administration Options: Paper & Pencil Administration and Computer-Based Administration.

Paper and Pencil Testing

Candidates test on site with a live proctor. The exam is taken in  a science lab under the observation of an approved Skills Evaluator.

Computer-Based Testing

Candidates test on site with a live proctor. The exam is taken in a computer lab or a standard classroom using the candidates’ personal or school-issued computers.

The BACE consists of nine categories. The following descriptions of the Knowledge and Practical portions include the number of questions* and points per each topic category that is covered [hover over the picture to view the details].

*There is a small difference in the number of questions depending on the testing type – these differences are due entirely to formatting of the Computer-Based exam, and do not reflect any difference in content or difficulty.

2023-2024 Computer-Based Exam Details

2023-2024 Paper and Pencil Exam Details

2023-2024 Point Distribution by Category

Passing the BACE

puzzle piece labeled "credential"

Candidates must score 80% or above to pass the BACE.

Candidates are permitted to take the exam a maximum of three times within a calendar year, with a 20 calendar-day waiting period between attempts.

Upon completion of the Biotechnology Assistant Credentialing Exam, each successful candidate will receive:

  • A BACE Certificate
  • A letter for potential employers explaining the benefits of hiring a BACE-credentialed candidate
  • Digital credential that can be verified online by potential employers

BACE Registration Information