Exam Specifications

The Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE) is open to all applicants and no prerequisites are required. It includes both a written examination (Knowledge Exam) and a practical skills evaluation (Practical Exam). Both assessments are closed book.

There are two Exam Administration Options: Paper & Pencil Administration and Computer-Based Administration.

Paper and Pencil Testing

Candidates test on site with a live proctor. The Knowledge Exam is taken in a standard classroom, and the Practical Exam is taken in a science lab under the observation of an approved Skills Evaluator.

Computer-Based Testing

Candidates test on site with a live proctor. Both the Knowledge and Practical portions are taken in a computer lab or a standard classroom using the candidates’ personal computers.

The BACE consists of nine categories. The following descriptions of the Knowledge Exam and the Practical Exam include the exam duration, number of questions per exam*, subjects covered, and number of questions per subject.

*There is a small difference in the number of questions on the Practical Exam depending on the testing type – these differences are due entirely to formatting of the Computer-Based exam, and do not reflect any difference in content or difficulty.

2022-2023 Computer-Based Exam Details

2022-2023 Paper and Pencil Exam Details

2022-2023 Point Distribution by Category

Passing the BACE

Candidates must score 80% or above to pass the BACE.

A candidate’s score is determined by averaging the highest grade of the Knowledge Exam and the highest grade of the Practical Exam.

Candidates are permitted to take the exam a maximum of three times within a calendar year, with a 20-day waiting period between attempts.

Upon completion of the Biotechnology Assistant Credentialing Exam, each successful candidate will receive:

  • A BACE Certificate
  • A letter for potential employers explaining the benefits of hiring a BACE-credentialed candidate
  • Digital credential that can be verified online by potential employers

BACE Registration Information