The Biotechnician Assistant Credentialing Exam (BACE) is an industry-recognized exam designed to assess core skills and knowledge sets identified by industry, and represented within the academic and performance standards of secondary Biotechnology programs. The exam was originally vetted by the state of Florida’s industry organization, BioFlorida, which represents more than 3,000 companies and research organizations in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and bioagriculture sectors. Since its creation, BACE has been assessed by national and international companies as other states adopt the exam.

About the Biotechnology Certification Program

BACE is offered through Biotility at the University of Florida’s Center of Excellence for Regenerative Health Biotechnology (UF CERHB). The knowledge exam is administered by an approved proctor via the UF e-Learning system. The practical exam assesses technical workplace skills, and is performed at an approved Exam Site under the observation of an approved Skills Evaluator. The BACE program and procedures are covered in the BACE Procedures Manual.

Credentialing Standards

The credentialing standards for BACE include the Academic Knowledge and CTE Performance Standards and Benchmarks taught in the Industrial Biotechnology program at the secondary level. Certified individuals have a knowledge and skill set applicable to entry level positions in the biotechnology industry (State of Florida standards may be found here: Industrial Biotechnology Academic Knowledge and CTE Performance Standards).

Upon completion of the Biotechnology Assistant Credentialing Exam, each successful participant will receive:

  • A BACE Certificate
  • A letter for potential employers explaining the benefits of hiring a BACE-certified student
  • Access to Badgr for employers to verify certification online

What people are saying about BACE

  • Dr. Fiona McAlister

    Biotechnology Instructor

    Thanks to the rigor of the BACE, our students can be confident that they have the theoretical and hands-on knowledge for entry into the workforce or their college classes. Nothing speaks louder to a high school student than a credential that boost their resume and gives them a competitive advantage. The BACE is unique in its approach of assessing our students’ knowledge of not only the theory of Biotechnology but also their ability to perform routine lab procedures. Employers can be confident that a student with this credential will be well prepared and had relevant and real-world experience and training. Assessing our students using the BACE was an exciting end to our curriculum. The team at Biotility made both the online and lab practical assessment a smooth, and trouble free experience. I encourage any biotechnology/ biomed instructor to give their students this opportunity to gain an industry recognized credential that will provide them with a competitive advantage over their peers.

    Southern Oklahoma Technology Center
    Ardmore, OK

  • Greg Gill

    Biotechnology Teacher

    We have found the BACE to be a very fair and thorough measure of our students’ Biotechnology education. We attribute much of our success to the review materials and test prep suggestions that Biotility provides. The certification and accompanying skills have allowed my students to enter the workforce, earn college research positions, and even become teaching assistants in labs on college campuses. The skills attained through BACE education and testing are in great demand.

    Pace High School
    Pace, FL

  • Dee Reedy

    Biotechnology Teacher

    I was trained at CERHB/ Biotility to work in biotechnology education (I graduated from college before biotechnology was taught). The experience helped me understand the industry and target the state standards when teaching my classes. My students have been testing quite successfully for the Biotechnician Assistant Credential. I currently have two who have worked in the research labs at UF while in college and credit their experience with biotechnology for getting their paid positions.

    North Marion High School
    Ocala, FL